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David Johnson of Cane Bay Partners Top 5 Finance Blogs


If you want to stay current on the latest news and trends regarding finance, it’s important to access a variety of viewpoints. Simply reading the financial news isn’t enough. Financial blogs can help you stay informed and give you some different perspectives. Here are the top five blogs that will help to increase your financial intelligence.

1. MoneyTalks News

MoneyTalks News is a popular and versatile blog that covers topics of interest to the average person as well as business owners. There are lots of practical tips for saving money, investing and finding the best deals. The blog focuses a lot on practical, everyday financial decisions such as insurance, wireless phone services and saving money for retirement.

2. Money Crashers

Money Crashers is a blog that features articles and reviews on everything related to personal finance. You will find useful reviews of credit card reward programs, ways to save money over the holidays and how to choose the right bank account. There is also career advice for people of all ages. Money Crashers publishes lots of new material every day, so it’s a good idea to visit this blog frequently.

3. Investor Junkie

Investor Junkie is a good blog to follow if you’re looking for solid investment advice.
There are so many investment options and styles that it can be confusing, but this blog helps to clarify everything. You will find a variety of investment reviews, tools and resources covering everything from stocks and options to online investment platforms. Reading this blog on a regular basis can help you to gain a more thorough understanding about all of your investment choices.

4. Mighty Bargain Hunter

As the name suggests, this is a blog that’s mainly focused on identifying bargains. It’s also a good source of information about other financial blogs, and it generously recommends lots of competing blogs on the home page. Mostly, however, the blog covers the myriad ways you can save money, such as cash back programs, gas cards, coupons and much more.

5. Budgets Are Sexy

It’s hard to be financially successful if you don’t know how to create and stick to a budget. Budgets are Sexy gives you all the information and resources you need to become savvy about budgets. It helps you find the budget that’s right for your circumstances so that you can begin to take control of your financial future.