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A Brief History Of the Virgin Island by David Johnson of Cane Bay Partners


Anyone who has ever visited the Virgin Islands has some sense of the evolution of this tropical island chain. Many kids these days like entertainment like Twitch, but sometimes a good trip to the island would change that. Like most islands in the Caribbean the islands were first settled by natives mistakenly called “Indians” by Christopher Columbus. When Columbus discovered these islands back in 1493, he called them the Virgin Islands because he sensed they were virginal and ripe for the picking. Some sources use a myth about St. Ursula and her 11,000 virgins as the source for naming the islands. With the Spanish intrusion, slaves were introduced and a lively slave trade conducted.

Diseases the Europeans introduced to the native population wiped out two thirds of the native Indians. A slave rebellion in July 1858 freed the slaves but also restricted labor for the plantations. As a result the islands economy soured and plantation life became a thing of the past. Conditions improved slowly. Three islands in the chain were purchased by the US In 1917 and became the US Virgin Islands. A fourth island was added in the 1990s. Britain possessed seventy islands in the chain and Spain possessed four islands in the chain. The whole Virgin island chain went through a period of depression brought on by natural disasters and changing economies in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

It wasn’t until the mid 1950s that a new tourist industry was developed out of the ashes of lost dreams of gold and prosperity. National Parks dedicated to preserving and restoring the natural beauty of the islands were a big draw. Tourism remains a multi-million dollar industry for the Virgin Islands.

US Virgin Islands

St. Croix celebrates their emancipation from slavery every July 3rd. US History is tied to this island in two ways. Alexander Hamilton, our first Secretary of the Treasury was born here. Many Americans can trace their ancestors here and it gave people of color an ideal for freeing themselves. Black history tours are very popular.

British Virgin Islands

Financial services and offshore companies reign here. Tourism is also a big draw. Most tourists visit Virgin Gorda for its spectacular boulder formation known as “The Baths.” Others may visit St. Kitts which is actually an independent island in the chain.

Spanish Virgin Islands

Actually the two islands named as the Spanish Virgin Islands, Vieques and Culebra are now considered part of Puerto Rico and belong to the US. They came a part of the treaty the US signed with Spain in 1898. These islands are known for their great fishing industries and activities.



David Johnson of Cane Bay Partners Top 5 Finance Blogs


If you want to stay current on the latest news and trends regarding finance, it’s important to access a variety of viewpoints. Simply reading the financial news isn’t enough. Financial blogs can help you stay informed and give you some different perspectives. Here are the top five blogs that will help to increase your financial intelligence.

1. MoneyTalks News

MoneyTalks News is a popular and versatile blog that covers topics of interest to the average person as well as business owners. There are lots of practical tips for saving money, investing and finding the best deals. The blog focuses a lot on practical, everyday financial decisions such as insurance, wireless phone services and saving money for retirement.

2. Money Crashers

Money Crashers is a blog that features articles and reviews on everything related to personal finance. You will find useful reviews of credit card reward programs, ways to save money over the holidays and how to choose the right bank account. There is also career advice for people of all ages. Money Crashers publishes lots of new material every day, so it’s a good idea to visit this blog frequently.

3. Investor Junkie

Investor Junkie is a good blog to follow if you’re looking for solid investment advice.
There are so many investment options and styles that it can be confusing, but this blog helps to clarify everything. You will find a variety of investment reviews, tools and resources covering everything from stocks and options to online investment platforms. Reading this blog on a regular basis can help you to gain a more thorough understanding about all of your investment choices.

4. Mighty Bargain Hunter

As the name suggests, this is a blog that’s mainly focused on identifying bargains. It’s also a good source of information about other financial blogs, and it generously recommends lots of competing blogs on the home page. Mostly, however, the blog covers the myriad ways you can save money, such as cash back programs, gas cards, coupons and much more.

5. Budgets Are Sexy

It’s hard to be financially successful if you don’t know how to create and stick to a budget. Budgets are Sexy gives you all the information and resources you need to become savvy about budgets. It helps you find the budget that’s right for your circumstances so that you can begin to take control of your financial future.

Strategy for Creating a Strong Financial Portfolio

Developing a strong financial portfolio requires a range of variables. Depending on your short and long term plans, it can be a library of strong stocks and investments, well-funded retirement accounts, emergency cash reserves and other diversifications that promote your financial stability. You need to calculate exactly what you want, what it would cost you and how to take action.Begin by making a list of your current assets. This needs to include anything of value, including stocks and bonds, vehicles, bank accounts, mutual funds) and your debt (mortgages, loans, credit card balances). One major key most overlook when looking for financial prosperity is not taking into account where they currently stand. Every entrepreneur knows a balance sheet like this is beneficial to change.

As you begin your approach, try to remember that overnight success may happen but it is rare. Building a complete financial portfolio can take many years of diligence. Be prepared to study and study again because there is nothing more risky than an educated investment. You want to design a plan that thrives regardless of external circumstances. That can entail both taking chances and playing it safe. The seasoned investment will attest diversity is key to a portfolio. The greatest financial risk is putting all your money in one place.

The less you know requires you learn, learn, learn. Stay up to date on fields you may want to invest in. Keep up with the latest news, trends and information. This will be invaluable when it’s time to make your investment and will also give you a sound foundation for tracking your investments. If you can find an ear in the industry, or an adviser, talk to it. There is no greater asset than someone that has already walked the path you want to be on.

The smart investor doesn’t dive into whatever is going to make the most money. They look at financial prospects that fit their lifestyle and talent. Some investors are skilled at commercial property rental. Others have an acumen for mutual funds or knowing when to get in and out of a growing investment bubble that’s likely to pop. Researching and investing in your interests enhances your chances of success and makes the endeavor far more interesting.

Developing a strategy for creating a strong financial portfolio is going to take time, effort, patience and a lot of forethought. But anyone willing to slowly build and wait will definitely reap the benefits.

Cane Bay Partners–Who, What, Where, Why?

ceo blogIn today’s rapidly changing business world, companies are always seeking ways to stay ahead of the competition. For many of them, using a management consulting firm has helped provide answers to key questions about business strategy and how to find new and innovative ways to improve their products, services, customer relations and more. When today’s smart companies need the best business advice, the place they turn is Cane Bay Partners.

Founded in June 2009 by a group of business executives with many years of international experience in financial services, Cane Bay Partners has quickly established itself as one of the top management consulting firms in the world. Clients in need of help regarding risk management, debt collection strategies and how to better market themselves to both customers and other businesses turn to Cane Bay Partners to help them achieve their goals.

Having established long-standing relationships with many major companies worldwide, Cane Bay Partners is continually sought out for its advice and numerous ideas regarding business strategy. Focusing on business and economic growth and development, Cane Bay Partners has been able to focus only on those areas they and their clients deemed most important in finding success in the boardroom and when dealing face-to-face with customers.

With a mission to bring the foresight and initiative needed to help businesses grow, Cane Bay Partners demonstrates this first-hand by being heavily involved with many philanthropic endeavors in St. Croix. By showing their commitment to the area they call home, they understand everything involved in helping to create job growth and opportunity for those around them.

When working with clients, Cane Bay Partners will assess their individual situations and then offer sound and reasonable solutions to their problems. Known as a management consulting firm that puts its clients in positions to succeed time and time again, Cane Bay Partners is committed to providing recommendations that result in success for their clients. Able to see their product development, portfolio management and risk management become better than ever before, the clients of Cane Bay Partners know firsthand just how well things work when implementing Cane Bay’s suggestions.

Working with a variety of global-based businesses, Cane Bay Partners strives to make sure their clients are given practical, effective and proven ways to see improvement in many areas. If it’s a smart business move you are trying to make, teaming up with Cane Bay Partners is pure genius.

Effective Marketing for Finance Companies


Digital Marketing Today

Today’s world demands that marketers understand that interrupting people is not as important as being with them. Your email, online and social media marketing strategies must acknowledge and address this fact.1. Email Marketing. With an email marketing strategy and analytics, it’s easy to gauge how many people received your email, how many people opened it, and what they clicked on and if they shared it.

2. Banner Advertising. Is your message smartly crafted and conveying the information people want and need? Are you call-to-actions clear and exact? Is targeting based on the customer’s geographical location, language and the most opportune time of day?

3. SEO Strategies. Search engine optimization is the cumulative strategies employed to get free organic traffic from natural search engine results. Consider your website’s level frequency of content. Does it address your customer’s needs? Website site architecture is critical for customer ease of navigation and making sure they get targeted information. Effective link building strategies can boost a website’s page rank. Social media footprints allow marketers to monitor what’s being said and being shared. Customers like to know you’re listening and that you’re willing to respond.

Blogging is essential for two reasons: it informs search engine algorithms that new content has been added to your website, and it (depending on the content) can quickly establish your company as an expert in its field.

Old School Advertising

While the digital marketing age is alive and well, old-school advertising and branding are still in play. Network and attend events. Stay involved and work with a variety of organizations and boards so as to build a solid base of friends and colleagues. Networking in your local community can help inform people about what your firm specializes in. Passing out business cards to friends and colleagues is still an effective means of sharing your brand with the world.

One of the best ways of staying ahead or on top of the competition is to monitor them on a daily basis. “Google” your competitor’s address (in parenthesis) to find out where they’re listed in local directories and in social media venues where they’re prominent. Study their keywords, messaging and how they interact with their customers. Offer a unique service or improve on their best practices.

Stay informed with what’s happening in your field. What marketing publications to you read and follow? Who are the marketing gurus in your field, and what’s their best marketing advice? We live in a world where the need to learn new things never stops.

The Importance of Management Consulting


Whether you are planning to grow a new business or if you are expanding a company you already run, understanding the importance of management consulting is necessary if you want to take any professional entity to the next level of success. Knowing how to effectively put management consulting to work for your business is a way for you to gain prospective customers while increasing revenue consistently and over time.

Confidence in Long-Term Agreements

One benefit of working with management consulting firms is the ability to review and handle long-term agreements, partnerships and new contracts involving other companies and individuals themselves. Working with a consulting firm is a way to get various perspectives and options available that are best for your current business model and any plans you have in place.

Working Internationally

Working internationally is also possible with a specialized management consulting firm that has experience in handling accounts overseas. Whether you plan to partner with a new individual in another country or if you are working with shipping and receiving internationally, a management consulting firm is needed at all times.

Reducing Financial Risk

By working with a professional management consultant, it is much easier to avoid financial risks from poor planning or investing in the wrong partnerships and contractors. Management consulting firms with experience in the same field and industry as you are aware of the best options and deals to take to help with stimulate more company growth altogether.

Debt Sale Strategy Options

If you are thinking of selling an entity, a management consultant firm has the ability to handle the process from start to finish, relieving stress and allowing you to move forward with future innovations for your business ideas and plans in place.

Tax Planning Assistance

Management consultant is also ideal if you are seeking any form of assistance with tax planning and the handling of payroll services. Ensuring you are always up to date with business, personal and payroll taxes is essential to avoid potential fees, wage garnishes and shut-downs of entire businesses and operations themselves. Seek out a management consulting firm with extensive experience in handling finances and quarterly taxes, regardless of the size of your business.

Working together with a professional management consulting firm is a way for you to learn more about various aspects of running any business while gaining the insights you need to create even more revenue streams for the future of your company.

Better Service Provider Analysis for Higher Profits



Your business possibly relies on third party firms for expert services. This is an essential and often unavoidable expense for small companies who cannot hire full time employees for the tasks of accounting, website building, and market analysis. Larger businesses are also moving towards outsourcing to dedicated firms, because of their motivation and greater resources. More businesses are finding it cheaper use third party services sporadically than to hold specialized employees.

Because many independent vendors are available in the current market, finding the most effective is key to controlling expenses. While separate firms do not have to be retained as full time workers, they can be expensive to hire because of their own management and their cost as a professional service. Prices vary widely, and it can be difficult to compare cost and quality.

While few service industries have exchanges to allow an easy comparison of prices, some services are actually designed to analyze other services. This means that a team is expert in understanding the many players in markets and industries and understands the abilities and costs associated with different firms. They understand the fine points of established and prestigious service providers while having an awareness of obscure players who might be able to offer niche products for a better price.

A service provider analysis is similar to hiring a bargain hunter to shop for groceries or office supplies. The different in the case of shopping for service providers is that thousands and sometimes millions of dollars are at stake. The best firms are highly recognized for their experience and defining services, while smaller firms might have a reputation for energy and productivity above their requesting price tag.

A service provider analysis is not a brokerage deal where client and vendor are put in contact; rather it is a discreet examination of companies pitching business-to-business offers. There is often a difference between what a firm advertises and what they deliver, and an analysis is an insider perspective and what the customer is actually buying. Such information can reveal whether or not particular aspects of a provider company are compatible with the needs of your company.

To this end, finding the best quality for the best price is only the first benefit of a service provider analysis. Each firm has its quirks and concentration of experience. Finding a perfect match is the difference between hitting the nail and hitting the board.

What is a FICO score and is it important?

Your financial history is often obtained by a single three digit number. The FICO score is a culmination of several factors that show overall credit history. It’s most likely one of the most important factors in your financial portfolio. It’s the first thing a bank will look for in the home mortgage or car loan process. Some employers will also look at this important number during hiring phase.

How is a FICO Score Calculated?

The FICO score was created by Fair Isaac Corporation and is a score that combines several pieces of your credit history information. Scores use a combination of credit history and usage. This complex scoring method also takes in account the length of credit history. Individuals with new credit should take note that it will take a few years for the score to go up. The average credit score is approximately 690. Over 37% of adults admit they don’t know their credit score. It’s important to know what makes up the scoring model:

• Payment history

This is the most substantial factor in scoring at 35-40%. Payment history takes into account both positive and negative payments. Derogatory items such as collections are factored in based on the first initial late payment

• Length of time

How long credit was used overall is an important factor. It takes up roughly 15% of the scoring model.

• Type of credit usage

The percentage of revolving and installment debt can be a factor in this percentage that takes up another 10-15%.

• Debt owed

Between 30-35% of the FICO score is obtained from this piece of information. The amount of debt owed shouldn’t exceed an appropriate debt-to-income ratio.

• New credit authorizations

This area makes up roughly 10% of scoring. Hard pulls or credit applications show in the report in this area.

Additional FICO rules

The FICO score can remain unchanged or go up and down rapidly depending on credit habits. Each individual credit bureau will calculate the score using a slightly different formula. The difference may be a few points between each report. Your FICO score will change over time depending on credit habits.

The Importance of a High Score

Obtaining a high FICO score is a result of managing credit in a healthy way. Employers and banks will be more ready to hire and lend since it shows responsibility. There is a general rule that anything over 720 is considered prime or excellent credit. Different types of debt will have an impact on the score. Improving credit will require a healthy combination of installment and revolving credit history. Revolving credit is usually a credit card of unsecured debt and will have the most immediate impact on credit history. Installment debt is considered secured and could be a student loan or home mortgage.

Dave Johnson from Cane Bay Partners: Portfolio Management in 2014

cane-bay-partnersThe financial services industry is fast becoming one of the most complex and regulated areas of business. Being able to keep up with rules that seem ever-changing and still maintain a high level of customer service is getting harder and harder for many brokerage firms and others involved in high finance. When an office feels it needs assistance with how to better understand and manage their operations, they call on David Johnson and the experts at Cane Bay Partners to help them find solutions to their problems.

One of the most complex areas for many financial firms today involves portfolio management. While many management consulting firms have chosen to use what they consider to be very modern techniques to help their clients, Cane Bay Partners realizes it takes a combination of current trends and methods combined with time-tested practices that have proven their ability to produce excellent results. Cane Bay’s portfolio management practice is very traditional in nature, choosing to focus on investor relations, compliance, cash management and tax planning services for their clients. Working with many clients involved in hedge funds and other financial services that require establishing high levels of trust with investors, Cane Bay knows giving investors the latest information about their money is the key to it all. To make sure their clients keep their current investors and are able to gain new ones, Cane Bay provides daily, weekly and monthly reporting to their clients.Along with these features, Cane Bay also has the experience to create customized operational and financial reporting results that allow their clients to serve their investors while standing head and shoulders above the competition. In any business that involves investor relations, building trust while also providing the necessary answers to important questions is critical to make sure investors decide to put their money with your firm instead of another. Since taxes are a part of life as well, tax planning services offered by Cane Bay are considered the best of almost any management consulting firm. Taking time to explain the entire process and answer their client’s questions is what makes Cane Bay Partners stay ahead of the competition and continually be the best.

As more companies realize the importance of having a trusted partner to help guide them through the maze of rules that equal compliance, Cane Bay Partners will be there to share their expertise and help these businesses grow.

David Johnson of Cane Bay Partners

David E Johnson Cane Bay


David Johnson is an innovative and visionary leader in marketing, technology, and risk management. He holds multiple degrees including an MBA from Georgia State University and has over 20 years of business experience with industry-leading companies across diverse verticals.