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Effective Marketing for Finance Companies


Digital Marketing Today

Today’s world demands that marketers understand that interrupting people is not as important as being with them. Your email, online and social media marketing strategies must acknowledge and address this fact.1. Email Marketing. With an email marketing strategy and analytics, it’s easy to gauge how many people received your email, how many people opened it, and what they clicked on and if they shared it.

2. Banner Advertising. Is your message smartly crafted and conveying the information people want and need? Are you call-to-actions clear and exact? Is targeting based on the customer’s geographical location, language and the most opportune time of day?

3. SEO Strategies. Search engine optimization is the cumulative strategies employed to get free organic traffic from natural search engine results. Consider your website’s level frequency of content. Does it address your customer’s needs? Website site architecture is critical for customer ease of navigation and making sure they get targeted information. Effective link building strategies can boost a website’s page rank. Social media footprints allow marketers to monitor what’s being said and being shared. Customers like to know you’re listening and that you’re willing to respond.

Blogging is essential for two reasons: it informs search engine algorithms that new content has been added to your website, and it (depending on the content) can quickly establish your company as an expert in its field.

Old School Advertising

While the digital marketing age is alive and well, old-school advertising and branding are still in play. Network and attend events. Stay involved and work with a variety of organizations and boards so as to build a solid base of friends and colleagues. Networking in your local community can help inform people about what your firm specializes in. Passing out business cards to friends and colleagues is still an effective means of sharing your brand with the world.

One of the best ways of staying ahead or on top of the competition is to monitor them on a daily basis. “Google” your competitor’s address (in parenthesis) to find out where they’re listed in local directories and in social media venues where they’re prominent. Study their keywords, messaging and how they interact with their customers. Offer a unique service or improve on their best practices.

Stay informed with what’s happening in your field. What marketing publications to you read and follow? Who are the marketing gurus in your field, and what’s their best marketing advice? We live in a world where the need to learn new things never stops.


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